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Are there any benefits to having a sanded floor?

Anyone with a dust allergy will be happy to know that dust mites cannot live in the clean environment of a surface that is hard and sleek. A wooden floor offers the versatility of rugs which can be changed and moved around at will. Natural wood has a warm glow which will make your room seem larger and brighter.

Does the floor need to be in good condition to start with.

When carpets are removed 80% of all floors look a mess. Sanding strips away layers of wood to reveal the original clean board . Most floors need a few repairs but that is not a problem.

My floor has been painted, is that a problem.

No. It all comes off in the sanding process.

Is it dusty?

Our machines are virtually dust free in fact the only dust discharge is 2mg per cubic metre.

I'm having other work done in the room, should I do the floor first?

No, all other work such as decorating, electrics, heating should be done before you sand the floor.

Is it noisy?

Yes, You should warn your neighbours what is going on. You may want to go out for the day or get someone else to have any young babies for the day.

How long will the room be out of action while the floor is being done?

You should allow 2-3 days for an average sized room.

Can I move my furniture back into the room straight away?

If possible give the room a day for the varnish to cure before you move the furniture back in. Lift furniture, do not drag it across the floor. Wear slippers. Some lacquers do vary on curing times - we will advise you.