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The Sanding Service

Our service can include removal of carpets, gripper rods, even moving of furniture if required.

All loose boards are secured and any repair work carried out.

The first sanding is achieved using a coarse grit sanding belt to remove dirt and all scratches etc, and then continues until the floor is level and totally smooth.

Using the clean, fine sawdust from your floor we mix this with an epoxy resin to fill in the gaps between the boards. If gaps are wider than 7mm we use reclaimed slithers of wood to wedge into the gaps and then sand down again to level.

After sanding we use a buffing machine to remove any remaining marks or scratches. The floor is now ready for lacquering, oiling or staining.

Using the Bona Kemi range of products we apply the first of three coats of varnish which is a water based, low odour and, slip resistant polyurethane finish with a drying time of approximately 1.5 hour.